Christoffer Hauthorn Boisen


My name is Christoffer Hauthorn Boisen, and I'm one of the technical co-founders of Emplate ApS and a Computer Science student at Aarhus University.
This site serves as a personal portfolio and a blog that I sporadically update with the stuff that goes on in my work-life.

Recent Posts

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The Danish language and UUIDs
How many words in the danish language can you find in UUIDs? Read more
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Solving sudokus
Solving sudokus the exciting way - with algorithms. Read more
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Using beacons to out-compete googles indoor navigation
We are doing more work to build reliable and accurate in-door navigation Read more
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Algorithm Engineering at AU
I’ve finished a course at Aarhus University called Algorithm Engineering. It involved a lot of C++ and new knowledge about the memory hierchies of the modern CPU. Read more
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Bachelor project: GEAR
I've finished my bachelor project. We use gaze tracking and voice recognition to improve development workflow. Watch the video to see the final prototype. Read more